What about Neuroscience?

At Swarthmore, I was fortunate enough to start working with Catherine J. Norris, PhD. She put an enormous amount of faith in me, and with her guidance and expertise I have created several studies on emotion regulation and ambivalence. We have presented this research at several national neuroscience conferences, including SANS and SPSP. I am in the process of writing my senior thesis on this work, and we intend on publishing our results in the near future (hence the limited details about the study)!

Although my time doing neuroscience research is coming to an end, the experience has taught me a plethora of crucial skills that I will take advantage of in the future. This opportunity has shown me how to be resourceful and independent, discovering how to implement programs in E-Prime, Netstation, and MATLAB on my own. In contrast, research has also shown me the value of asking for help and learning from my mistakes. I began this project around the same time as my interest in computer science was budding, and my success in this research has indelibly contributed to my confidence in my cs abilities.